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Tigran Petrosian’s Best Chess Games

Tigran Petrosian’s Best Chess Games

Petrosian became world champion after defeating Mikhail Botvinik in 1963. He has also famous nickname ” Iron Tigran “. Here are the best games of tigran petrosian selected by . These Selected game played with Andre Lilienthal, Garry Kasparov, John Nunn, Viktor Korchnoi, Boris Spassky, Fischer, Bent Larsen, Mikhail Tal.

Lets Star with his games.

Game: Petrosian vs Andre Lilienthal

Game: Garry Kasparov vs Petrosian

Game: Petrosian vs John Nunn

Game: Petrosian vs Viktor Korchnoi

Game: Petrosian vs Boris Spassky

Game: Petrosian vs  Fischer

Game: Petrosian vs Bent Larsen

Game: Petrosian vs Mikhail Tal

Game: Petrosian vs Mikhail Botvinnik

Game: Petrosian vs Viktor Korchnoi

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