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Monster Rook!

Rook on the 7th Rank is called Monster Rook!

Have you studied rook endgame? You might heard of ” Monster Rook” it is called when you place your rook on opponent’s 7th rank. In the Endgame our rooks must be activated otherwise you will loose rook endgames. So lets study about ” Monster Rook “.

Study this Example: 

Rook on 7th rank

Whats going on this position?

After Rc7, Black has to defend b7 and f7 pawns. The Black king can not leave f7 pawn, and black’s rook can not leave b7 pawn. so lets give any move to black like h7.

White’s Plans after Rc7!

  • White will place his king to d3, pawn to f3 to push with e4 and white will create passed pawn in center.

How chess legends use 7th rank for Rook:

Capabalnca sacrificed a pawn in order to get to 7th rank lets look at this example game.

Game: Capablanca vs Tartakower

Advice: Dont be hurry to capture poor pawns quickly!

When your rook reached at 7th rank dont be hurry to capture poor pawns. They will be there for a long time. Lets see the example game of Nimzowitsch. Check out his move Rc5! he did not capture the pawn on b-file.

Game: Nimzowitsch vs Stahlberg

Capablanca’s Rook on the 7th Rank!

In this game below, the black’s position was completely cramped. Lets see how capablanca got his rook on the 7th rank.

Game: Capablanca vs Treybal

Last Example of rook on the 7th Rank:

This example karpov shows a way to get  rooks on the 7th rank! lets analyze this.

Game: Karpov vs Uhlmann

I hope that after reading this article you will certainly think of ” Monster Rook ” in your games. Good Luck !

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