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Queen’s Indian Defense

Queen’s Indian Defense

Learn Queen Indian Defense


The Queen Indian defense is very compatible defense against (d4 c4 and with 3Nf3 ). Black plays very easy setup against it. It starts with (Nf6 e6 and b6) Black will play according to white’s plan.

What is white’s plan against Queen Indian Defense?

White has to complete his king’s side pieces and castling, then white will think of playing e4 to achieve big pawn center. black will stop e4 by playing d5 and then white will develop his queen’s bishop on b2 and then white will see how to play his game.

White also can play with g3 fianchetoing his bishop and after castling to play e4.

What is black’s plan in Queen Indian Defense?

Have you heard that black’s queen bishop is problem in many queen’s defense against d4? Black solves this problem by playing b6 and fianchetos his bishop or bishop to a6 hitting the c4 pawn. Black must need to stop e4, black can stop by playing d5 timely or playing Ne4 . Once black stops e4 black has no problem to his development.

Games in Queen Indian Defense

Here are some example games which illustrate the ideas which has written above.


Flip the board to black side.

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