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Improve your Pawn Endgame

How to Improve  Pawn Endgame ?

Can you play chess without pawns? So we must study how pawn works? what are the rules that we need to master in order to play pawn ending. Enough theory!! Lets start with examples.

Example 1:

White is down a pawn but how will white win? its white to move Think yourself first!

Solution: b5!!


Lets check this position white will win this position if you see an endgame.

White to Move:



White needs to check pawn endgame first, here are forcing move that leads to wining pawn endgame. but if you never think of pawn endgame, how will you win? so lets check this pawn endgame how white won.

So thats it for today, Wait for next lesson, GoodLuck!

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  1. its pragramatic and informative….. its a must see for virtually every chess player

  2. Having Good ideas to improve Chess.

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