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Flank Opening Traps

While e4 opening traps and d4 opening traps has been covered lets move to flank opening traps. In flank openings traps we will cover 1.Nf3 and 1.c4, The English Gambit, The Lisitsin gambit, The From Gambit, The Grob.

English Opening Trap


English Opening Trap 2

English Opening trap 3

English Opening Trap 4 (Black won)


Lisitsin Gambit Trap

This opening is perfect for those who want to crush their opponent in opening . I think its the best against f4 dutch defense. lets start!

Lisitsin Gambit trap 2

Lisitsin Gambit Trap 3


From Gambit Trap 

The From Gambit is good for black when white plays f4 early in the game. Flip the board to see from black side.

From Gambit Trap 2


Grob Opening Trap

Do you want to surprise your opponent in the opening? this Grob opening trap will help you to learn pros and cons of playing early g4.

Thats all for today, i hope that you learned  how to capture flank openings!!

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