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Chess Opening Traps (Updated)

Chess Opening Traps

Chess opening traps you probably know  well. But it is always nice to have more knowledge of chess then your opponents. The more knowledge you will have the more stronger you will become.  So i have posted almost all major openings traps. If you have time you can check it all, But if you don’t have time you must check at least your openings traps. So lets start with chess Openings traps.

You can explore:

Accelrated Dragon Trap

Albin Counter Gambit Trap

Bishop Opening Trap

Blackmar Gambit Trap

Budapest Defense Trap

Caro kan Defense Trap

Dutch Defense Trap

Englund Gambit Trap

Fried Liver Attack

French Defense Trap

Four Knight opening Trap

Giuoco Piano Trap

Gruenfeld Defense Trap

Jerome Gambit Trap

Kings Gambit Trap

Kings Indian Trap

Mortimer Trap (Berlin Defense Trap)

Modern Benoni

Nimzo Indian Trap

Philidor’s defense trap

Queen’s Indian Trap

Queen’s Gambit Accepted Trap

Queen’s Gambit Declined Trap

Ruy Lopez Trap

Scandinavian Defense Trap

Sicilian Defense Trap

Two Knight’s Defense Traps

Vienna Game Trap

Flank opening trap

In flank openings traps we will cover 1.Nf3 and 1.c4, The English Gambit, The Lisitsin gambit, The From Gambit, The Grob.

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