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Endgame Secrets

Can you play chess without knowing chess endgame? Your answer will be “No”. Learn chess endgame here, Learn Pawn Endgame, Learn Bishops Endgame, Learn Knight Endgame, Learn Rook Endgame, Learn Queen Endgame, these are all endgames that you need to master before going to the opening preparation.

Play Chess with Pawns

passed pawn

Play Chess with Pawns No matter how good you are in opening, you must have to know how to play with pawns. Pawns are soul of chess, as you know this quotation. So lets start with key points to know about pawns and lets see how great players use pawns …

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How to Create outpost in Chess ?

How to Create outpost in Chess ? Its very necessary to get the piece to outpost. When you fixed,¬† you can grantee win there. Lets look at examples how chess legends use this outpost in their games. Example 2 Check Rc6 !! : Game: Karpov vs Kasprov Example: 3 Game: …

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Monster Rook!

Rook on 7th rank

Rook on the 7th Rank is called Monster Rook! Have you studied rook endgame? You might heard of ” Monster Rook” it is called when you place your rook on opponent’s 7th rank. In the Endgame our rooks must be activated otherwise you will loose rook endgames. So lets study …

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Improve your Pawn Endgame

How to Improve¬† Pawn Endgame ? Can you play chess without pawns? So we must study how pawn works? what are the rules that we need to master in order to play pawn ending. Enough theory!! Lets start with examples. Example 1: White is down a pawn but how will …

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